LPW1100 This Multi line machine works on AMAC Principle (Automatic Motion Algorithm Control) With Free Form Intermittent -motion the movement of the cross-seal jaws is optimized in three dimensions considering size of pouch & laminate. The benefits of AMAC is that the machine always moves smooth and gentle which results in best in class pouch quality at high speed. This machine is configured with intelligent Motion Controller. All the functions – Sealing, Pulling, Film roll unwinder as well web-guide is driven by servo motors. All Servo drives are networked with intelligent Motion controller for high performance.

This series can be synchronized with any one of the following fillers.

LPW1100 is available in 2, 4 & 6 line


4 Side Seal

Multiline Machine


Health Products, Tea, Ground Spices, free flowing Pharma Powder & Granules, non-free flowing powder, Liquide (shampoo, cough syrup Liquide detergent, ketchup etc.), viscous Products.


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